Ventures Founded by Dr. Beverly

Businesses Ventures Founded

Several businesses have been formed over the years. Some have had their name changed when Dr. Beverly moved from California to Arizona to do to medical school.

  • Dancing Bear Enightenment Academy (DBEA) was founded in late 2020. Visit the home page for DBEA for details at
  • Dancing Bear Healing Center (DBHC) was initially founded in 1993, as the Dancing Bear Alternative Healing Center (DBAHC), then established online in 1996. In 2002 it moved to Arizona. In 2009 it was renamed to DBHC. For more information visit the DBHC home page at
  • ADBO Consulting was founded in 1995 in California. In 2002 it moved to Arizona. For more details and services visit


Holistic Spiritual Transformation Programs

The Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy (DBEA) Holistic Spiritual Transformation (HST) is a series of programs that progress from basic spiritual skills to master healer & mystic leading to a certification as a transformational spiritual coach and healing master.

  • DBEA Holistic Transformation Summit – is held semi-annually (March & September)
  • Signature Workshop series: OM for Success: Meditation Demystified to Manifest Your Dream Life and overcome common barriers to success.
    This program is based on the 5-elements and helps students learn the tools to manifest their dream life, deal with personal issues, overcome common obstacles (like imposter syndrome, and financial barriers), as well as boost their intuitive abilities.
  • Master Program: Holistic Medical Intuitive Mystic
    In this longer series of classes, the 5-elements are studies in greater depth, many exercises to boost intuition, do remote viewing, and other advanced healing techniques and tools are presented.
  • 1-Year Advanced Mysticism Program: DBEA Advanced Holistic Spiritual Transformation: Pathway to Ascension through Vibrational Upgrades leading to Certification as a Spiritual Transformational Coach and Master Healer
    Students lean advanced techniques for raising their vibration to accelerate their spiritual advancement.


To learn more about the DBEA Holistic Spiritual Transformation Program in general, see the schedule, and to register, please visit:



The Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy YouTube channel, Holistic Transformation, features a number of interviews by experts in the spiritual & holistic transformation arena as well as short talks by Dr. Beverly. The channel is Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy, Holistic Transformation.

The channel is also available on SimpleCast, Spotify, and Apple; just search for Holistic Transformation or Dr Beverly.

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Twice a Year (late March and late September) we host a Holistic Transformation Summit of Experts in the area of Holistic & Spiritual Healing. Find more information, dates, and to register click HERE! to go to

For information on becoming a speaker at our summit click HERE! to go to


Books, eBooks, Articles

We have various books, eBooks and articles online or available for purchase. Click the link below for what is of interest you.

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Published on PsychReg August 20, 2021: Music Brings Positivity – Here’s What Solfeggio Frequencies Can Do for Stress


Published on PsychReg October 18, 2021: Here Are Some Tips About Using Acupuncture to Boost Mental and Emotional Health


Our book Meditation Demystified: A Workbook for Everyone is available online at Click here


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