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We Invite You to Collaborate with us on a Book

We have several options for collaboration. Dr. Beverly can create a chapter for your book, we can create a book together, or you can participate on one of our Tracka'Book Marketing options.

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Viral Tracka'Books

We invite you to collaborate with us by becoming a contributing author to one of our Viral Tracka'Books™ - For FREE!

About The Tracka'Book™ Concept

What is a Tracka’Book? Basically, it’s a trackable and sharable book that is intended to be shared from one person to the next. It’s part of a deeper exploration and conversation around the topic in the book. It’s a unique and fun way for readers to see where that book will travel from one person to the next and witness the impact it has people’s lives.

If you are an author or feel you can contribute your own thoughts to one of our many Tracka'Book topics, then this is a perfect way to get exposure to your business and message. Even more amazing, is to collaborate with us and be an author in one of our books costs you NOTHING! we invite you to book a meeting with Dr. Beverly to discuss options. Click HERE to find a convenient time for you on Dr. Beverly's calendar.

How does this concept help me get exposure?

Inside the book, there are two ways in which you get exposure to your message, product, program, or event. We can collaborate on a single book or with several authors who write different chapters.

Not a writer? You may also collaborate with several other authors where each person writes one of the chapters of the book.

Another option is to use one of our available PLR books that best fits your messaging. Most of our books are sourced from high-quality PLR content and offer quality messaging on topics that fit the idea of living an extraordinary life. The topics are wide-ranging and there are about a dozen book options to choose from.

You will either write most of the book, write part of a book, or write an introduction or the first chapter for the book.

Whichever option you choose we will highlight you at the front of the book with your name and website connected to it or one chapter of a unique book. Then you can provide us with a 1-page "ad" or promotion that we'll place at the end of the book or with your chapter, so the book is advertising something you have available for people to contact you.

Finally, we create 10 eBook copies of the book with either 1 tracking number for 100 people to 10 unique tracking numbers that are linked to the DBEA APP and to a call to action (CTA) link on the tracking page in the APP. This becomes another way people can get connected with you after they have tracked the book.

Within the APP people with the same tracking number will be able to leave messages about what they got out of the book. We can also add journal comments for people to leave for themselves wight in the APP.

The APP provides ongoing exposure to you beyond the eBook...

In the BOOK there are two ways you get exposure - your message and your promotion.

In the APP there are two ways you get exposure - the call to action on the tracking screen and a listing in our directory where you can link to a featured video and/or article, a link to your website, and a link to your profile or bio.

All together we promote you in 4 different ways with the app featuring you on an ongoing basis.

All of this FREE - No $ cost to you. You only provide two promotions to your tribe to download the book you are featured in and download the app to check out your listing and a special offer code.

A MASSIVE win/win for everyone involved. Next... we just need to make sure your message aligns with the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy message; we invite you to book a meeting with Dr. Beverly to discuss options. Click HERE to find a convenient time for you on Dr. Beverly's calendar.

About Our Partners

A good JV partner for Book is a Holistic Professional or Coach with a Transformational message and a desire to help humanity. This can be in the area of Spirituality, Holistic Health, or Healthy Living.

The DBEA Audiences

We have several audiences. Most are subscribed to our APP. We also have an active and growing email list, thousands of followers on both Facebook and Twitter, as well as those who have purchased our previous books. Our speakers and audience are international.